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When it comes to Facebook marketing, we all agree on certain topics. Advertising is an option, most certainly if done correctly. There are many great articles on this subject. And then there is the notion that it is even better to use Facebook the “natural” way, not by advertising, but by publishing fitting content.

For as long as advertisements get noticed by people, I think advertising is a good way of getting attention. Especially on Facebook, because the possibly of targeting your audience makes it far more cost effective than advertising on dead trees. And I have always loved the idea that “content is king”. The real success stories hardly ever come from great advertising. 90% is about companies that tell their own story brilliantly. storytelling-a7fa5b8b990ce8edcde93fa39022e51e

But what I really want to know is what Facebook does for the average small company, the company that doesn’t have enough money to experiment on Facebook with 3 different adds, the company that only has funds for one part-time marketeer/PR person/ graphic designer.

What happens if you do not have the financial resources to create your fabulous background story, or publish phenomenal content on a regular basis. What are likes worth, without time and money?

The standard answer to this question is: If you cannot do it properly, better not do it at all! In reality however, every company wants that Facebookpage. Even if they don’t, some fan or employee will make one and they will be obliged to take care of it. You’re almost expected to be present online.

Personally I love online marketing, but most companies I work for, do not have the resources to take advantage of its possibilities. Even an example about a small business like this is based on a great investment of time. It seems that to be successful on Facebook with a small company, you have to have a strategy and a good budget, and, most of the times, the help of a professional.

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But with all the evidence against it, it still feels worth it to post some new pictures and write a few lines, just to be seen. It feels logical that those few hundred who actually get your post on their timeline, will be reminded of your existence. But then the question remains: is it worth the investment of your time. If someone has the answer, please let me know!


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