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About a month ago, I finally decided to actually do something with my private Twitter account. Even though I have some experience with company accounts, it felt like a fresh start.  Luckily, I picked up some nice tips along the way that I would like to share. Are you a streetwise, long time twitter fanatic? Then this article is not for you, but this might be.

5 tips for those who are completely new to Twitter

  1. Get a good profile picture: Make sure you have the correct profile picture. Everybody says so, trust me.  You have got to have a recognizable picture of  yourself on your profile. Preferably a headshot. Cartoon figures are not very trustworthy,  logo’s are for companies. Pictures of animals are very cute, but do say a hell of a lot more about you then you might think.
  2. Learn the language: Follow people who tweet about things that interest you, and look closely at how they do is. That is by far the easiest way to learn the language of Twitter. When you are comfortabel, start sending out tweets.
  3. Shorten links: Because space on twitter is limited, shortening links comes in handy. Personally, I like this one.
  4. Install Tweetdeck ( or any other dashboard application): If you want to edit retweets, this dashboard application makes everything so much easier. And it has some other lovely features that help you get organized. Get it here
  5. Keep sending out tweets: The more active I got, the more I started to appreciate the medium. Being active  is also a sign to other twitter users that you are worth following.

I still have a lot to learn, but I will keep reading and practising. Follow me if you want to see me in action!

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