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A little Facebook research

Last week I spent some time researching Facebook pages of several Dutch companies and institutions, almost all active in the cultural market. Since I work as a marketeer for a theatre production company, I focused a quote einsteinlittle extra on that.

What I wanted to find out was whether the amount of followers is connected to their activity on your Facebookpage.  To be able to measure that, I looked at 45 different pages. From each page, I noted the total amount of likes and the average amount of likes of the 5 most recent posts. Then I calculated who’s page engaged its followers best. The results were quite surprising. First of all: the total amount of followers says nothing about their activity on your page Size does not matter.

Be a Museum

Like van Gogh 2Based on the results, the best tip I can give you is: become a museum. Maybe it is because they have lovely content for grabs, or because their audience is international. Museums like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam do not only have a lot of followers, they also get noticed above average when the post an update. It is hard so see any other logical relation between the top ten pages. Likes vary between a 100 and 150 000. On top of that, they are all different types of companies and institutions. Some have money, some do not. Most of them have existed for a decent amount of time.

And the winner is….

There is a clear winner however: Het Zuidelijk Toneel. It’s a theatre company based in Tilburg. With only 1842 likes in total, their average Facebook post received 24.6 likes. It might not seem like much, but relatively it is a lot. I do not express anything in percentages, because I would not want to scare any hard working online marketeer.

Of course, there was also a clear loser. To be able to put things in perspective, I added some well known, but less cultural,  Dutch companies. One of them was Philips. Well on their way to 3 million followers, they have nothing to complain about of course. However, they do rank the lowest when is comes to engaging their followers. Time to make things better, with a little bit more fun and entertainment, and a little less sense and simplicity.


Social Media Surprise

In my little bunch of reference companies, I also found a nice surprise among the retailers. Between five well known, rich brands with well functioning marketing departments, the one that stood out was not the big supermarket chain, nor the department store you find in any big city. The one that really connected well with its followers was a DIY store. Without giving away I-Pads, they are even gaining 100 followers per day. Now that is inspirational.

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